Located in Redcliffe, Western Australia, we are passionate about crafting quality brick pizza ovens for you and your family to enjoy.

All our wood fire brick ovens are handmade in our backyard from locally sourced materials.

They are made to order and available to be picked up in kit form or can be delivered and rendered on site.

Things To Know About Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

Have you heard about the wood-fired pizza oven? These ovens have increased in popularity in this modern time and makes a great addition to your home. Pizza that has been prepared in a wood-fired oven is incredibly delicious, with a depth of flavour traditional electric or gas ovens can never achieve. The wood fired pizza ovens we create are expertly hand crafted, using locally sourced high quality materials, and it functions equally well. There are different types of wood fired pizza ovens to choose from, all of which focus on different needs.

For you to make pizzeria-quality pizza even in your home, you should consider our professionally made quality wood-fired pizza ovens. Our pizza ovens are extremely versatile. Not only can they make restaurant quality pizzas, they can also be used to make an incredible range of other dishes. These include, succulent Roasts, Fish, Pork, Lamb, vegetable and many other beautiful dishes including bread and desserts. For more information, contact Perth Wood Fire Pizza Oven on:  0420 449 371

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